18:00, Novem

Video Clip by Parian Manos Stathopoulos
dur.: 4'

A song about romance in crisis.
Filmed in Athens – Edited in Paros

18:04, "Quand le Cinéma révèle son histoire"

French with English subtitles – dur.: 118'
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

19:30, "Monica List" at Archilochos Hall

Presented by its creator, Xin Wang
Web series, Created by Xin Wang & Emmanuel Sapolsky
Produced by Hanna Goldman & Xin Wang
Directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky
French with English subtitles – dur.: 20'
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

What if you read again your teen secret diary at 30. Would you dare realize all the dreams it contains?
Monica ‘Mo Ke’ is a brilliant young Chinese sommelier destined to a bright professional future at the Fouquet’s restaurant in Paris. A perfect, strict and organized life that will fall apart on a celebration awarding her young and promising career.
Shaken by a competitor who made her realize she knows all about wine, but nothing about passion, Monica comes across her teen secret diary. Love, family, friends, generosity… None of the promises she made herself were fulfilled!

20:00, Master Class by Odile Weulersse

Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

20:30, Conversation Piece (Violence et Passion)

Drama, Romance, by Luchino Visconti
Remastered and recoloured
English with French subtitles – dur.: 116'
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

A U.S. professor (Burt Lancaster) in Rome rents apartments to a decadent countess (Silvana Mangano), her family and her lover (Helmut Berger).

22:30, Pseudonym

Thriller, by Thierry Sebban
French with English subtitles – dur.: 74'
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

Alex is a divorced father, a stressed part, this is his daily work, work, work. Tonight he hurries, he has a meeting with a young woman … on the internet. But this encounter one night will plunge into a downward spiral and disrupt forever the course of his life. While he enjoys the striptease that offers him the young woman on the screen, Alex witnessed the violent attack she suffered at her. He finds himself hunted, driven out of his home. A manhunt is taking place until it is trapped. Sequestered in utter incomprehension deal with what happens to him, he discovers with horror that he is the victim of a predator hunting man according to his evil impulses: tonight is the prey …