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19:00, Wine offered by Moraitis winery

Welcome wine at Archilochos Hall
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19:30, "The Greek Odyssey"

Stop Frame, Written & Directed by Nikos Zappas
Greek with English subtitles – dur.: 6’
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

“The Greek Odyssey” is a 6 min. fiction presented in Paris – Paros
International Film Festival 1 – 4 October 2015.
The film focuses on the Odyssey myth. A struggle of man kind against all odds. The epic sailors of ancient times return to present and take us to a mythic journey through the challenges of surviving and continuing after death. The story takes place at a fishing harbour of a small Greek Island.
One rainy morning the mist is thick and the rain dark and heavy. Two sailors despite the bad weather, get in their fishing boat and depart for the open sea! Monsters and Pirates will challenge their luck, and enemies will turn in to friends, through a plot that continuously questions the strength of these heroes.

Written and Directed by Nikos Zappas
Scenery, Characters, Props. designed and constructed by Nikos Zappas. Introduction narration, main music score composed and arranged by Nikos Zappas, on “Garage Band” software.

Intro Solo Bouzouki : Themis Kairimanis
Solo Bouzouki epilogue : Anestis Delias

Produced from Nov. 2014 to May 2015 Piso Livadi Paros

19:45, "Arletty, a Guilty Passion"

Avant-première: film producer Jean-François Lepetit, invited on Paros by Paris-Paros, will present his film.
Romance, directed by Arnaud Sélignac
French with English subtitles – dur.: 100'
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

In occupied Paris, during the filming of Les Enfants du Paradis, the nonconformist actress Arletty lives according to her own rules. While having an affair with Antoinette, member of the Resistance, she falls in love with a young German soldier, Hans Jürgen Soehring.

The affair is talked about all over Paris, in both collaborationist and resistant circles. But nothing bothers the actress, who is deeply in love and refuses to take sides.The portrait of a troubled and complex time seen through the life of one woman, a muse for her generation, who cannot escape the consequences of her own choice.

21:30, "Abus de Faiblesse"

Drama, directed by Catherine Breillat
French with English subtitles – dur.: 104'
Venue: Archilochos Hall – See Map

A charismatic con artist becomes close to Maud, a famous director, after she has a stroke. He makes her feel alive again, and she lets him borrow huge sums of money.

23:30, Cocktail at Parea Café

With songs of Iro Fokianou – See Map