International Film Festival on the Cycladic Island of Paros
October 1- 4, 2015

The aim of the festival is to make Paros an international destination for Cinema and for the Arts, but also that Paris becomes a centre of attraction and inspiration for Parian artists.

It is also intended to start a residency program for Cinema and Video Art in the Cycladic Island of Paros.

The residency will host a select group of international artists working on film/video, for an intensive collaborative project between PARIS and PAROS and then all the European Ports which have Greek origins.

The program is created by Sabrina Botbol, ATELIER INNE-DIT, with Nicolas Stephanou, PAROSWEB, and is a joint initiative with:
Archilochos Cultural Club, Institut Français d’Athènes, Cultural Committee of the Municipality of PAROS, Honorary Consul of France in Syros.

This edition will give tribute to Nikos Zappas works (Video Art, Mixed Media and Paintings).

It will include:
1. Thematic screenings of Long Feature Films – this year’s theme is “EROS AND FILÌA”
2. Screenings of wine movies in Moraiti’s winery
3. A special tribute to Parian artists

While Paris-Paros has an international scope, it takes place within the local context of Paros, which features many indoor and outdoor Theatres.

The festival works on bringing the local into conversation with the international and universal. Both conventional and re-purposed spaces around PAROS are used for screenings in an effort to bring attention to the island's rich historical, cultural and architectural past and present.
In years to come, Paris-Paros aims to make Paros a destination for film and visual arts, and Paris a welcoming city for Parian artists.

The first edition of Paris-Paros is done without any kind of budget. All films are courtesy of their producer, and our hosts are travelling at their own expense. We take the opportunity to thank Hotels Parian Village and Pandrossos, which are kindly sponsoring their accommodation.
It was not possible to make Greek subtitles for the films: they are all either in French with English subtitles or in English with French subtitles