Paris-Paros Film Festival has just ended, its first edition took place on the island of Paros from 1 to 4 October.
From the first day, Paris-Paros Film Festival was full house and the following days Archilochos Hall- from the name of the innovative lyric poet who lived in Paros in the 7th century BC – had a great attendance.

The French guests of honor of the festival were Mr. Jean-Francois Lepetit, producer, Ms. Wing Xan, actress, writer and producer of web series and Odile Weulersse, lecturer at the Sorbonne, where she teaches film.

Paris-Paros Film Festival is co-organized by Sabrina Botbol (Inné-Dit), Nicolas Stephanou (Parosweb), Archilochos and the cultural committee of the municipality of Paros.

Paris-Paros Film Festival will travel to Paris this winter where Virginie Connan, gallerist, proposes to offer a space where artists from Paros can exhibit their work.
A residency program for cinema and the visual arts, is in progress. It will consist to invite a group of French artists for a project of cooperation and exchanges between Paris and Paros.

Through these initiatives, the aim is to make Paros a preferred destination for film, visual arts, but also fashion, gastronomy, and other “art of good living”, and also to make Paris a welcoming destination for artists of Paros.

Pleased with the success and enthusiasm encountered during this première, we are already thinking about the second one, the odyssey Paris-Paros Film Festival continues.

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