Sabrina Botbol, Inne-dit

Sabrina Botbol : itinéraire
Créer l’événement qui met en lumière

En 1993, Sabrina Botbol lançait INNÉ-DIT, agence de création (conception, réalisation) d’événements et de voyages auprès des professionnels des médias et de la culture.

Dans ses bagages, à cette époque : la pratique des langues (anglais, espagnol, hébreu, italien), un DESS Information et Documentation (Paris-Sorbonne) assorti d’une maîtrise de Technique et Langage des médias (sous la direction de Pierre Miquel & Alain de Greff), son expérience de l’édition (Point Hors Ligne, 1983) et de la publicité (direction du département Culture pour Le Monde).

INNÉ-DIT a fait du chemin depuis, en s'efforçant de mieux rappocher professionnels et partenaires des médias et de la culture. Missions sur : le premier Festival du film d’environnement avec Dominique Merchez, salle Wagram (Conseil régional d’Ile de France), la soirée ATD Quart Monde pour l’Unesco, le Festival du Film de Berlin pour Screenvision, le Festival du film de Cabourg : 20 ème anniversaire en partenariat avec Screenvision et enfin le festival “Cinéski” à Courchevel, dont la 10 ème édition est fêtée en 2006 : autant d’événements qui illustrent la vocation d’Inné-Dit.


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Parosweb's ambition is the promotion of local services and products, targeting a global market of potential visitors to the Island and the local market of residents and visitors.
Parosweb vision is a sustainable development of the Islands of Paros and Antiparos, which cares for the preservation of the Islands' traditional character, both environmental and cultural.

Archilochos Cultural Association
Nikos Zappas

Video Art, Mixed Media & Film Artist
UCLA – University of California Los Angeles
School of Film, Theatre and Television (1991 – 1993)
Art Director of The Greek Directors Guild.

Nikos Zappas is a Greek American Artist born in San Jose California, 1970.
His work consists of 5 basic fields : Painting, Constructions, Photography, Film Making, Video Art.
Institutions & Public
Since 2010 Nikos Zappas is the art director of the Greek Directors Guild. He is in charge on President’s office stationary, branding, layouts on full agenda, anniversary and special editions.
In 2013 he designs the brand and layout of the National Council of Civilization. A committee developing National strategy ideas on civilization policies concerning Media, Film Industry, Theatre & Music, Museums.
In May 2015 he establishes the Municipal Radio Station “Paros
Radio”, the first public radio station of Paros Island in Cyclades Greece. In June 2015 he designs the Brand & Poster of the
International Film Festival “Paris – Paros”, in Paros Isl., Greece

Sandrine BOSMAN, Concorde Travel

Concorde Travel Associates est une agence de voyages basée à Paris dans le 3ème arrondissement.
Concorde Travel Associates est honorée d’avoir été choisie pour être l’agence officielle du Festival Paris Paros qui se déroulera du 1er au 4 octobre 2015 à Paros.

Biographie Sandrine BOSMAN
Fort d’une expérience de plus de 20 ans dans l’organisation d’événements, elle est engagée depuis 1 an dans l’agence de voyages Concorde Travel Associates pour l’organisation d’événements, et le développement commercial.
Pour votre venue au Festival Paris-Paros elle sera votre interlocuteur privilégiée.

Greek Film Centre

The Greek Film Centre functions as a public liability company that belongs to the broader public sector, is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and subsidized by the state. Its structure, powers and operation are regulated chiefly by Law 1597/86 “for the protection and development of the art of film and the support of Greek cinema” and by Presidential Decree 113/98. The aims of the Organization are: “the protection, support and development of the art of film in Greece” and “the presentation, promulgation and promotion of Greek films both at home and abroad”.

According to law the Organs of the Organization are its General Assembly, which is convened by decision of the Minister of Culture and consists of elected and appointed members. Twelve (12) members are elected and seven (7) are appointed. The members serve a two-year term of office. The General Assembly introduces the general policy and activities of the GFC and evaluates its results. It exercises financial control, approves the Organization’s budget and appoints the auditors according to the provisions governing public liability companies. The GFC board of directors is made up of seven members and the term of office is four years. Four members are elected by the General Assembly and three appointed by the Minister of Culture, including the President and Vice-president. The President of the GFC is also the organization’s Managing Director.

The GFC board of directors makes decisions on every issue related to management, the operation and administration of the Organization and it exercises the powers of the board of directors of a public liability company. The Evaluations Committee assesses the projects submitted to the GFC within the framework of its funding programs. The Evaluations Committee consists of five members who serve a two-year term of office.

Julien Pascual

Julien helps with social media and Festival awareness, originally from Paris, he lives in Paros since 2014, he works in consulting for online marketing.

Iro Fokianou

Η Ηρώ γεννήθηκε στην Πάρο απο Παριανούς γονείς.
Τελείωσε το Λύκειο στην Πάρο και σπούδασε στην Αθήνα κοσμητική ιατρική.
Ζεί και εργάζεται στην Πάρο στο δικό της παραδοσιακό καφενείο όπου τραγουδάει ελληνικό και ξένο ρεπερτόριο.
Ιδρύτρια και διευθύντρια προγράμματος του, ένα ραδιόφωνο, πολιτιστικού χαρακτήρα το οποίο και δώρησε στον Δήμο Πάρο ώστε να ανήκει στους κατοίκους της Πάρου.
Από νεαρή ηλικία ζωγραφίζει, γράφει ποίηση και λατρεύει την ηλεκτρονική ζωγραφική.
Η πρώτη της ατομική έκθεση “Shadows and Feelings” παρουσιάστηκε το 2014 στην δημοτική πολιτιστική αίθουσα του Αρχιλόχου στην Παροικιά της Πάρου, αποτελούμενη από 20 έργα ηλεκτρονικής ζωγραφικής.
Η δεύτερη ατομική της έκθεση “Αποτυπώματα” αποτελούμενη από 15 έργα ζωγραφικής,
παρουσιάστηκε στο χώρο του “Παρέα Καφέ” τον περασμένο Αύγουστο.
Επανάληψη της έκθεσης αυτής θα πραγματοιηθεί στο Παρέα Καφέ 1-10 Οκτωβριου 2015.
Αυτήν την περίοδο ετοιμάζει την παραγωγή του πρώτου της άλμπουμ με τραγούδια κυρίως από το ελληνικό ρεπερτόριο.

Dimitra Chanioti

The works of Dimitra Chanioti invite to a topical political and social reflection, attempting to decode, through the freedom that art provides, unseen aspects of substantial reality. On the other side of artificial and seemingly mighty, valid and undoubted authoritarian paradise, all those links are hidden diligently, created by underground opaque fermentations. The disclosure of the underground, unseen aspect of things, even if this disclosure deconstructs the eternal formula, is highlighted as the safest way in comparison with oblivion. Overthrow supervenes to formula and substance.
The choice of mixed technique in the works and the use of disparate materials, defends the choice of formula disruption and the limits that it determines, this way opening an alternative artistic questioning with many recipients. Art eventually opens the horizons of interpretation and expression, constituting substantially the only pole of substantial freedom and independence from the viewer and the artist himself in this foggy environment.

Dimitra Chanioti was born in 1977 in Paros Island. She studied painting in Athens School of Fine Arts from 1998 to 2004 under G. Psyhopedis and photography under M. Babousis. She attended multimedia courses under E. Chatzisavva from 2001 to 2004. She took over as Artistic Director and taught at the Fine Arts Workshop of the Municipality of Paros from 2002 to 2006 (Network of Art Workshops in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Culture). In 2005 she was appointed in Secondary Education and teaches the lesson of Fine Arts. She attended the Postgraduate Program “Education and Culture” of Harokopio University from 2009 to 2012. She participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works are in private collections in Greece and abroad. She had her first solo exhibition at Technohoros gallery in April 2014.

Greek Directors Guild

Εταιρεία Ελλήνων Σκηνοθετών